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Hello, matey! My name is Chloe, my pronouns are she/her and I am so glad to see you here.

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Tell me your favourite Elton John song, I dare you.

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With ten years of copywriting for some pretty cool causes – the Labour Party, Amnesty, Greenpeace, Organise, Refuge et al – plus five years of stand-up comedy under my belt, becoming a celebrant felt like the most perfect culmination of all those skills and experiences. Plus fewer men telling me how to do my job, brilliant!

It all started when some close friends asked me to marry them (as their celebrant, not their third). I’d never considered it before then, but the whole process was pure joy. Researching wedding traditions and giving them a queer, feminist twist; interviewing their loved ones to hear their memories (and gossip); collaborating to create the most gorgeous, memorable ceremony possible. And the day itself… Wow. I’d never had such job satisfaction in my life. No offence, Keir Starmer.

Fast-forward to now, and I'm a fully trained and certified celebrant living in south-east London, travelling all over the UK (and beyond!) delivering weddings, naming ceremonies, and memorials for LGBTQ+ people, feminists and progressives. You might have seen me on BBC's Big Gay Wedding with Tom Allen (or necking one too many oat lattes somewhere in Peckham). The folks who find me tend to want something untraditional, earnest as heck but jammed with laughs. And being an impeccably dressed lezzer helps, I suppose.

Jess & Izi's wedding, with thanks to Steven Haddock Photography

Working with couples, families, and chosen families to create something wickedly funny, stuffed-with-love, and utterly unforgettable is the biggest privilege imaginable. Because I believe everyone should be able to mark the moments in their life in the most authentic and affirming way possible – generic, boring, impersonal ceremonies can get in the sea.

When I’m not having a deep and meaningful with someone for a ceremony script, you’ll find me singing my wee heart out with my local choir, tucking into The Traitors with a vermouth, or planning a big stomp somewhere – I've just ticked Yosemite off my list, New Zealand is next!

Making me guffaw and taking the snap, the legendary Sidey Clark