Here are the types of ceremonies I love to plan, write and deliver. Got an idea for a ceremony that isn’t listed below? Just slide into my DMs and let’s have a natter - I suspect I’ll be game!

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A note on pricing

Let’s talk money for a sec – I believe that absolutely everybody deserves a glorious, personal, totally authentic ceremony regardless of how much cash they’ve got.

That being said, your gal has rent and bills to pay. But there’s a world in which both of these things can coexist harmoniously, and I’d love it if we could make that world happen together.

If you can’t afford one of my ceremonies but you think we’re an excellent match, please get in touch with me and let’s see what we can do.

Simultaneously, if you can afford to pay a little more I’ll set those extra funds aside to subsidise ceremonies for folks with more modest means – in particular, queer and trans people, or those without families to financially support their celebrations.

*I use public transport whenever possible and will always try to get to/from your ceremony without incurring any accommodation costs. Travel + accommodation may be extra if I need to stay overnight due to the distance from London. If you’d like me to join you for a destination ceremony, I can confidently say I am very pro (packing my bags as we speak); extra travel and overnight costs to be discussed.