Celebrations of Life & Memorials

When a loved one dies, they deserve a send-off befitting of the wonderful life they lived – and that’s exactly what we can give them.

starting from £400

I’m honoured to deliver funerals working alongside Funeral Directors, like Poetic Endings in South East London. Funeral Directors will support you through the entire process of saying goodbye to a loved one who has died, and it's a great privilege to work with them for ceremonies in a crematorium or a venue of your choice.

Or if you’d prefer, we can organise a Celebration of Life – an uplifting ceremony that can be any length, in any place, with as much creativity and flexibility as you like.

Whether you'd like a funeral in a crematorium or a Celebration of Life in a pub, on the beach, or anywhere else that feels right and special – together we can create a ceremony that feels completely authentic to your loved one.

I’ll weave together your most brilliant memories, stories and reflections and create a ceremony that is joyful, affirming, and full of happy tears as well as sad.

A wonderful black and white picture of a woman in a polkadot coat, displayed next to some flowers at a memorial

What's included

  • Warm, inclusive chats with you and your loved ones
  • A 100% original ceremony, all about your person
  • A beautiful, witty, full-of-heart eulogy
  • If you're not working with a Funeral Director, I can support you to find the right venue and make sure the whole day runs smoothly
  • Tons of ideas for readings, music, and other interludes to create an unforgettable ceremony

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I'd be honoured to help you celebrate the life of your loved one.

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"She wove all our memories into a life story full of joy and humour that brought our mum back to life for everyone."
Julie (full)
Joan's daughter-in-law
"Entrusting someone to paint a picture of the mum you have known and loved your whole life is no small task but Chloe took time to listen and we truly felt she'd grasped the true essence of our lovely mum."
Julie (short)
Joan's daughter-in-law
"Thank you Chloe for being the most perfect celebrant for my mum’s ‘Celebration of Life’ service."
Judith (full)
Joan's daughter
"She is a skilled writer and will tell your story with a genuine warmth"
Jacqueline Cale
Jacqueline Cale
Celebrant and Co-founder of The Celebrant Circle
"She made it the most special and fitting occasion possible"
Paul and John (full)
John's nephew
"Working with Chloe was a joyful, collaborative process, as she was so committed to building a layered and nuanced understanding of my late uncle."
Paul and John (short)
John's nephew
"Chloe was warm and empathetic in leading the service – and her delivery of the eulogy conveyed a real sense of affection and joy. It was hard to believe that she had never actually met my uncle."
Paul and John (short 2)
John's nephew
"Oh Chloe, you did such a fabulous job and let me live with her again for a little while. Thank you, and thank you for being so supportive. You are a fabulous celebrant!"
Toni & Enid
Enid's daughter