Weddings, Civil Partnerships & Vow Renewals

Let’s work together to create the most utterly ‘you’ day imaginable - you don’t have to settle for a stuffy, old-fashioned, or generic ceremony!


I specialise in storytelling weddings, civil partnerships and vow renewals, where I work closely with you and your loved ones to weave together something very funny, full of heart, and completely unforgettable.

When you choose me as your celebrant, I’ll be at your side the whole way – not just on the day itself! Feeling nervous about writing your vows? I’ve got you. Got a rogue Best Person who needs “help” (wrangling) with their speech? I’m on it. Getting conflicting advice from a ton of suppliers? Not my first rodeo.

Chloe at the wedding ceremony of Amy and Laitsi. She's wearing a very snappy pink suit

What's included

  • Writing and delivering a 100% original ceremony, just as you want it
  • Fun and inclusive chats with your chosen loved ones, for ceremony-writing research
  • One on one chats with you both to learn your love story, in-jokes and gorgeous quirks
  • Support to write totally unique, personal vows
  • A rehearsal or check-in before the ceremony
  • Regular check-ins before the big day (coffee, hugs, shandies included)
  • Support for you or your loved ones with your speech-writing, including feedback and public speaking help
  • MCing your wedding – if you'd like me to! You have me for as long or as little as you need me on the day

Can I marry you?

Not like that, you know what I mean

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"Chloe’s ceremony was so personal, blending romance, storytelling and comedy in all the right measures. Her delivery was totally natural, simple, and unforced, with everyone captivated."
Daisy, Aswarby Rectory (short)
Daisy, Aswarby Rectory
Venue Manager
"We are still glowing from Chloe's beautiful words at our wedding ceremony, and can't quite believe she got it so very perfect."
 Tess & Antonio (glowing)
Tess & Antonio
"Chloe is such a creative and thoughtful wordsmith whose way with words is simply stunning. Isabelle’s dad can’t talk about the ceremony without welling up… literally every time!"
Jess & Isabelle (dad crying)
Jess & Isabelle
"Chloe is a breath of fresh air that seamlessly blended with all our friends and family - they now all want Chloe as their celebrant or just to be her best friend!"
Adam & Dan (full)
Adam & Dan
As seen on BBC's My Big Gay Wedding
"We highly recommend Chloe to anyone who wants a unique, fun and brilliantly memorable ceremony with a celebrant who will go above and beyond"
Emma & Mat (full)
Emma & Mat
"We cannot recommend Chloe more highly. This wonderfully talented human set the tone for our entire day."
Jess & Isabelle (full)
Jess & Isabelle
"It was utterly magical to look out at our loved ones and see them laugh and cry together, at her crafted words."
 Tess & Antonio (full)
Tess & Antonio
"Chloe's ceremony was one of the best ceremonies I've ever seen, and my personal favourite - and I've seen more than 100! I would recommend Chloe first, every time."
Daisy, Aswarby Rectory (full)
Daisy, Aswarby Rectory
Venue Manager
"Chloe got to know our friends and family, arranging video calls with them as well as with us. It meant our ceremony hit a whole new level of personal, truly reflecting our love story."
Jess & Isabelle (friends and family)
Jess & Isabelle
"Being a gay couple we found lots of elements of marriage very dated and not designed for same-sex relationships. When we found Chloe it was such a relief we didn’t have to explain what being queer meant, and it made such a difference choosing a member of the LGBTQ+ community."
Dan & Adam (queer)
Adam & Dan
"People often find the ceremony part a little generic and rarely the highlight. But not for our day: it was magical. We could never have anticipated such a feeling."
Jess & Isabelle (not generic)
Jess & Isabelle
"As a queer person, Chloe’s ceremony meant the world to us. Knowing that we had someone who valued us as clients, but also valued our love and our identities, was incredibly special."
Jess & Isabelle (queer)
Jess & Isabelle